Choosing the Ideal Bathtub for Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

Choosing The Right Bathtub for Your Bathroom Renovation Project

More homeowners are looking to remodel their bathrooms today than ever before, and with good reason. Investing in your home’s infrastructure is key to increasing its value. Upgrading your bathroom décor can be a sneaky good way of doing just that.

What’s more, the materials and techniques used in bathroom construction and remodeling have improved dramatically over the past few decades. If you have a bathroom that’s 20 years old or more, there is a fair chance it was made with techniques and materials that are no longer top of the line. Even if they are technically “serviceable,” how much longer will they be dependable, to say nothing of desirable?

With the benefit of these tips, you can get a new bathtub that is the pinnacle of form and function.

Choosing the Right Materials

Investing in a quality bathtub is an important decision for any homeowner. Whatever your decorating, budgetary, or bathroom preferences maybe, a leaky bathtub that needs replacing year in and year out certainly isn’t part of your plan. You want a tub that’s going to last you a good decade or two to come. Different bathtub materials have different pros and cons, including:

Fiberglass Tub:

This can be light and inexpensive, making it easy to install, but it scratches more easily than other options on this list.

Acrylic Tub:

The advantages are pretty much the same as for fiberglass, although acrylic tubs are more expensive. Disadvantages are that the finish can scratch or discolor over time, although the better grades of tub finishes have now reduced that problem to a minimum.

Enameled Steel Tub:

This is another inexpensive and very common bathtub material. The tub is stamped from a thin sheet of steel, then finished with a layer of porcelain enamel. This is a far more durable surface than fiberglass. That said, it is also far heavier, making it harder to install, and it can be prone to rust. You’re also very limited in the number of shapes and sizes available.

Cast Iron Tub:

These are among the most expensive types of tubs on the market. However, you get what you pay for, and in this case, that means getting arguably the sturdiest bathtub material for a tub that can be smoothed into the shape of your choice by experts. The downside, these tubs are extremely heavy and require extra labor and often extra floor reinforcement to install

Cultured Marble Tub:

More durable than fiberglass and less so than the metallic options, marble is the material of choice for those who want to give their bathtub an elegant aesthetic touch.

Custom Ceramic Tile Tub:

If you are looking to customize your bathtub, you could contact a bathroom remodeling team and see if they can install a custom-made ceramic tile tub to give your bath a truly unique look. However, ceramic tiles won’t be nearly as sturdy as enameled steel, cast iron, or perhaps even marble, and you’ll need to make sure that you’ll be comfortable bathing atop such an irregular surface. You’ll also have to deal with the maintenance of the grout.

Make Sure Your Plumbing’s Sound

Ask a lifestyle blogger about remodeling your bathroom, and they’ll go on at length about décor choices and what you should do to bring a sense of elegance and beauty into your boudoir.

Ask a professional bathroom remodeler and bathtub installer the same question, and one of the first answers they’ll likely give you is to first check your plumbing and make sure that it’s sound. The last thing you want is to put all that time, money, and effort into something only for it to be ruined by leaky pipes and water damage caused by plumbing that isn’t up to snuff.

Your bathroom remodeling team needs to make sure that not only is there a sound plumbing plan in place for how to connect your tub to the rest of your system, but that the system itself is already in good working order. Plumbing systems are interconnected, so a clog here or rusted pipes there can spell trouble for your tub even if it isn’t directly connected to the item in question.

You also want to make sure that your drainage system is working properly, and that means testing your tub’s drains as you go. In addition, if you are feeling decorous, you’ll want to consider your tub’s drain and make sure it complements its faucet when choosing tubs with your remodeler.

Tubs and Shower Combos

Stand-alone tubs may not be practical for everyone. Some bathrooms are too small to separate the two, while some homeowners rather not split the shower and bath. With either option, your bathroom can still look very modern. There are several combination showers and tubs that are simply stunning. You can dress up your tub shower combo by choosing a beautiful tile surround or going with a modern shower head fixture. Adding a tile design around the exterior of your tub is also a great way to take your shower, tub combo from boring to spectacular.

Jacuzzi Jet Tubs

One of the most popular expensive options for those choosing a new bathtub is to get a full-on Jacuzzi tub built into their bathroom. On the one hand, there is no denying that being able to enjoy the massaging bubbles, and relaxation that comes with a spa bathtub can be alluring. On the other hand, they are more expensive than any other bathtub options.

Jacuzzi tubs can have multiple jets or a single jet installed within the walls of the tub. They help in relaxing tired muscles with the massage from the jet of water. You can have jets at different positions and different speeds which help you get in a more relaxing mood.

Consult with our bathroom remodeling experts and ask them how well your spa tub dreams mesh with your other bathroom remodeling desires and see what they can do for you.

Pair with Other Bathroom Features Offered

Last, but not least, it’s important to remember that, while they may be the centerpiece of your bathroom, tubs are hardly the only thing in there, and so they need to complement the rest of your bathroom features. Professional bathroom remodelers can help with this by suggesting appliance sink, tub, and toilet combinations that they have in stock that are specially made to go together. They can also take on custom orders, and work with their clients to arrange the different features in the bathroom in such a way as to make sure they are all easily accessible and placed for optimal aesthetic effect.

Scheduling an appointment to discuss different features and installation options can help ensure everything is coordinated from the start.

With the right touch, a great bathroom remodeling team can make a big difference in the look and feel of your tub and bathroom for years to come.

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