Hype around the Atelier Versace show

Hype around the Atelier Versace show began with Jessica Chastains appearance at the Golden Globes. The bronze goddess herself adorned the halter gown to the awards show and emphasised exactly what I believe Atelier Versace are trying to achieve this season, and that is the female body in all it's glory.

Now the collection that took to the runway earlier this evening in Paris was a far cry from Chastains gown, however maintained the same aesthetic. The construction of the curves, swirls, waistlines, hemlines and even emojis (Yes, I did say emojis) was intricate. The bead and lace work deserves the most attention and commendation.

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The collection appeared to lead us exactly where Chastains gown teased us the collection would go. Atelier Versace is highlighting every part of a woman that makes a woman a woman and is emphasising the power that being a woman holds. Although is unsurprising as Versace has used the theme of Gods and Goddess in a few collections now, this collection escalated the class of Atelier Versace to another level.

The collection is attractive, empowering and elegant, the cutout illusions completed with lace and beading is something that I can see many high street brands attempting to emulate soon. For a first show at Haute Couture Fashion Week, Versace set the bar high. Now just to see what the rest of the designers bring to the runway but, for now, all hail Atelier Versace!

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