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I have not climbed the tallest mountain, ran the farthest distance or eaten the most hot dogs. However, among my friends and coworkers I have probably led the most online training webinars.

Here are my tips for avoiding interruptions while you are leading a webinar. I use the GoToWebinar software by Citrix but these tips are pretty universal.

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1) Turn off your cell phone or at least put it on vibrate.

2) Shut down system applications that do not need to be running during the webinar (calendar reminders, chat, anti-virus update notifications and mlb.com)

3) If you are in an office or cubicle created a laminated "On Air -Do Not Disturb" sign and hang it on your office door or cubicle entrance. If a coworkers ignore the sign, put them on the spot as a guest speaker during your webinar. That'll teach 'em!

4) If you are doing the webinar from home, shut off/silence any alarms, land lines, microwaves, television sets, doorbells and radios.

5) If you have have a barking dog, take the little guy for a walk before the webinar to tire him out, then put him another room so that he doesn't bark into your microphone.

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