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George Groves is still ranting about Saturday night's fight in Manchester with Carl Froch as he believes it was stopped prematurely.

He began the night so confidently, giving Froch, 36, a round by round break down of how the fight would unravel. Nine rounds and one defeat later, he was just as confident in his fight, blaming poor refereeing for his loss. He's demanded a rematch. He's thrown around accusations of corruption. He's blamed Froch's celebrity status for making him untouchable. He's forgotten that he was doubled over and dominated.

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The referee has a duty of care for both fighters and a responsibility to prevent sheer brutality being broadcast live into into homes and pubs all over the country. Perhaps he could have left Groves to attempt a recovery but that would have been the referees risk and he chose not to take it so we can never know what would have happened. However, we do know that Groves had a good start, knocking Froch to the floor in round one and continued to stay marginally ahead on points in the following rounds.

During this time, I was the frustrated one as every time Froch put Groves on the back foot Groves would spoil the fight turning it into a grapple. Which proved to be a good tactic as the referee would separate them and put them back on mutual ground. As the fight went on this was becoming more regular and in ninth and final round Groves couldn't stop Froch's momentum and he came on stuck.

The referee, Howard Foster and I, may be alone in thinking so but Groves was showing significantly less attempt to fight back while Froch was recovering from his earlier embarrassment. I look forward to an undisputed winner in spring 2014.

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