3 Extra Income Ideas

1. Put a gig on Fiverr.com or Gigbucks.com. If you are very creative and you offer something of value you can certainly create a good income from these sites. How does Fiverr work? Well, you go to Fiverr.com, create an account an offer a gig (anything you want that is not illegal) and sell it for a fixed price of $5.

One of my most successful gigs is account creation. You see, most internet marketers need a lot of accounts in various sites such as Ping.fm and Onlywire.com but account creation is very time consuming so they rather outsource it. I have made over $1,000 by doing this alone.

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If you want you can download this free Ping.fm account creator and offer a gig to create the account that get synced into Ping.fm (make sure to NOT sell the program since that would be illegal and you can get prosecuted). However, feel free to use the program to create Ping.fm accounts and sell them.

2. Fill out surveys. I know this may sound strange but I actually know a guy that chose this one out of my extra income ideas and he actually had to quit his job to do this full time. The premise is that you fill in surveys and sweepstakes, hundreds of them and since you fill so many you actually win some of them. I am not sure how much spam my friend gets after filling out all those surveys, but he makes a living of it. (The items that he wins that he doesn't need he sell on Craigslist and/or Ebay)

3. This is for someone who is interested in making money blogging. There is site called Empower Network which offers a blog for $25 a month (the ad page is hypie, I know, but it is legit) . The premise here is that you just write about an specific niche or theme and start to make money by referring people to this blogging platform.

For example, let's say that you like making cakes and you write a blog about how to make cakes. The more you write the more exposure your blog has, and so there is advertisement in that blog that is strategically placed that will allow other people interested in making money online to buy a blog just like yours.

The best thing about this method is that you get paid 100% of their monthly fee. So in theory as long as you have one more person getting a blog, yours is free. And eventually the more people you refer the larger your income becomes.

These are the 3 most effective extra income ideas that I have come across.

There are thousands of very interesting ideas out there, but they usually cost more than the income that you will generate with them. Whether you choose these or other ideas, make sure to do a little research own you own to make sure that the program is legit.

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