Introducing Different Food into a Restricted"Diet"

My last post is a little similar to this, but I felt like I wanted to add to it since it's what I have been working on.

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Although I tend to go through a lot of different eating phases, I think that I have finally reached something that I can work with, sort of like the foundation to my eating. I know that recovery and "normal" eating isn't about having some specific "eating rules", but that's why I say it is the foundation and I'm introducing new foods.

I can see myself, for the most part, sticking to mostly a plant based natural diet long term. It makes me feel good and I feel okay eating a substantial amount of food this way. I have been eating a lot of the same meals every single day for the past few months (ed behavior), but I've found that I'm slowly learning about different plant based meals and adding them in. This for the most part has not been scary because they fit into the category of plant based, natural, vegan, wheat/ gluten free, and unprocessed. I plan to keep on adding in these kinds of foods to my intake as I go, but I want to branch out.

I have two goals. The first one is to add some foods into my more "regular" everyday/ every week eating that do not exactly fit the whole "natural" category. While this kind of "diet" makes me feel better all around, such as better skin and less stomach problems, I think having a few foods that aren't considered "natural" to me would be beneficial to my recovery and life. The other goal is to slowly introduce foods that I eat not as often, to add special variety and flexibility when eating out with friends, family, on vacation, or on holidays.

I have not yet actively worked on the first goal, but I have thought about a few foods that I might add. The first would be salad dressings. I really like ranch and blue cheese dressing. These obviously have animal products in them and are processed but adding a drizzle to a nutritious veggie salad is not going to hurt me. I might go for a vegan imitation of these to avoid the dairy. Next is cereal. I love cereal. It used to be a safe food for me, but I haven't been able to eat it in a long time. I would find a vegan, gluten/ wheat free option, and then not restrict myself from any other ingredients/ categories when choosing it. The last one, which will be the biggest challenge is eggs. OBVIOUSLY not vegan, but I could see myself eating eggs on a weekly basis. I would make an omelet.

My second goal I have been working on since it's summer vacation and I have been "out and about" a lot. The first food I have incorporated is sushi. To me, this fit's into my regular diet because I order it with just avocado and cucumber, but eating anything out is a challenge for me. Since I have finally found something that I'm 100% okay with eating out at a restaurant, my husband and I have been eating a lot of sushi for dinner because we can finally go on dinner dates together again!:).

I've also been eating at Chipotle. I have been eating there in the past but just ordering a very low calorie restricted salad. It's kind of interesting to how it has progressed over the last few months. It started out as a salad of 1/2 scoop of black beans, veggies, salsa, and 1/2 scoop guacamole. Then I started adding 1/2 scoop of brown rice. Eventually became full servings of both brown rice and black beans and all of the guacamole. Then I tried out all those ingredients into a burrito. Now it's three tacos. I am finally eating something "normal" at chipotle that I fully like.

Before this gets too long (already has) I will quickly wrap it up. I have also been drinking mochas and macchiatos at Starbucks that have soy milk instead of getting nonfat versions which is a huge ed behavior for me. Lastly, I have tried a couple different meals at restaurants while on beach trips.

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