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I don't usually review individual episodes of a TV series, but in the case of New York's finest medical examiner, Henry Morgan's, most recent adventure I make an exception.

Let me state for the record, that despite some of it's flaws, I really enjoy "Forever." It took them a few episodes, but by episodes 5 and 6, I really think they had figured it out. My only issue with the show was how readily available Dr. Morgan seemed to be to go out and solve crimes with his newly found partner, Detective Jo Martinez. He's a medical examiner for crying out loud, not a millionaire playboy who's friends with the mayor. We don't see Lanie Parish following Castle and Beckett around solving murders, do we? That's because all she needs to do to help solve crime is examine the body in front of her, medically.

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Again, I look past this point because the chemistry between Jo and Henry is tangible. But this weeks episode was horrible. Now, there we're some good parts with Abe (his adopted son) and between Jo and Lieutenant Reece, but they do not wipe away the sin of making Jo a horrible detective.

Henry, wonderfully played by Ioan Gruffudd, found every piece of evidence in this entire episode. Alana De La Garza had nothing to do as Jo, but stand around and be astonished at how marvelous Dr. Morgan was at knowing a lot of things that allowed him to solve the case without her helpat all!

Do not try to compete with Elementary, just because he's English he does not have to be Sherlock bloody Holmes! There, I'm done yelling.

When you start treating your main characters like they are stupid, your audience will believe you. I like this show and will continue to watch it so long as they backtrack and forget about him being Benedict Cumberbatch for a minute. Or well, forever.

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