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The story of Shay and Jayce could have been extremely tragic. Separated as kids when they both went to sign up for pilot school, that's when Shay found out that her father whom she thought was dead as a ships captain has really been alive and working as a pirate since leaving her mother. And that he never knew who she was or that she even existed. Fast forward 10 years and she is the renowned daughter of the famous pirate, a menace in her own right but one who has a soul and a level to which she won't even stoop and she is requested to fly a mission for her government that will end up leading to pardons for her family and exclusive trade agreements to lead her family to established trade routes.

When Jayce turns up on her mission, Shay is shocked for sure but the chemistry and the heat from their childhood daliance is still there. The problem I had is that the chemistry was weak. I bought that they had teenage hots, but how that was supposed to translate to current attraction didn't pan out for me. I also didn't get how they we're going to be able to get past years of built in mistrust of the other's job and their life choices with very little relationship dialogue.

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While I enjoyed reading Slip Point greatly, I just wish it had been more believable.

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