A Manegerial Form of Government

Adopting the managerial form of government will bring a non-political, professional City Manager to oversee Dixon's vital departments. The position of commissioner will no longer exist, but council members and the mayor will still form the city council. This allows the council to serve strictly as the elected voice of the people, focusing on policy and budget oversight. Having council members serve in this capacity also considerably expands the pool of future council member candidates.

The citizens elect the council members and mayor, forming the council. The council hires a professional city manager, sets policy, and approves budgets. The city manager oversees city departments, implementation of policy and adherence to budgets. This is the managerial form of municipal government, the Council Manager form.Changing Dixon's city government is a crucial step forward for our great city.

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Some may wonder whether this effort is a knee-jerk reaction to an unprecedented embezzlement of public funds. It is not. That embezzlement, however, highlighted a failing of our current system of government and proved beyond a doubt that, no matter how hard-working and well-intentioned elected commissioners might be, they cannot reasonably be expected to bring to city government the training, experience, and expertise that is necessary to manage the increasingly complex financial and other issues that face us today.

More than 98% of cities and towns in Illinois already have recognized that the commission form of government in antiquated and ill-suited to function in todays environment. It is time for Dixon to join them. It is time for Dixon to adopt the managerial form of government.

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