A delicious bottled cocktail!

So excitedI have found the first ready made, bottled cocktail that I actually like, love in fact, True Heritage Brews (THB) new Singapore Sling and despite the fact that it comes in an alcopop-style bottle, I have no shame in being seen with it, as the bottle has a pretty slick design too!

I was fortunate enough to be invited to Selfridge's Taste of Singapore event, last week, where I was introduced to this bottled version of Singapore's national drink. Taste of Singapore runs until the 9th October; so head down quick to catch the fab cookery demonstrations, and bag yourself some Singapore Slings.

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The drink, which is currently only available at Selfridge's Food Halls, is promoted alongside, Tiger Beer and other Singaporean brands such as Prima Taste, Chye Choon Foods, Camel Nuts and Koka Noodles.

The bad news is Singapore Sling is only on sale until the end of this week, (boo hoo) until THB launches it across the UK, hopefully around Christmas time However, I am sure that if enough people buy it at Selfridge's, they might continue selling it pretty please, with cherries on the top.

The original Singapore Sling was first created as a lady's cocktail in the early 20th century between 1910-1915 by Hainanese bartender Mr Ngiam Tong Boon from Raffles Hotel. However, not being satisfied with inconsistencies in the drinks flavour, Mr Chow, owner and founder of THB, decided the drink needed a definitive recipe and spent 20 years experimenting with the ingredients before producing his alcoholic premix of the classic cocktail.

For nearly a decade, the Singapore Sling alcoholic premix was supplied on an exclusive basis to Raffles Hotel, but has now been bottled, branded by THB and has made it's way over the UK.

Mac Lee, President of Association of Bartenders Singapore, said: We applaud True Heritage Brew for it's vision, drive and passion in helping to propel Singapore into the minds of people all around the world through a signature cocktail that speaks volumes about Singapore's culture and history. The new concept is definitely set to bring a new taste of Singapore to the world.

The Singapore Sling forms part of Singapores history and True Heritage Brew is making our very own efforts to help preserve and promote Singapore's heritage.

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